Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Last week our debut, double a-side single was released digitally worldwide (iTunes)

We celebrated this by playing a show in London where a technical hitch left us having to entertain the crowd with a little D.R.E (still) for the best part of 20 minutes but luckily the crowd were very patience and/or huge fans of Chronic 2001.

Then we premiered our first ever official video, for We Are Chosen, which we hope you've enjoyed.

Directed by the amazing Olmo Rodriguez and Adrian Tornero

A huge thank you to everyone who has downloaded our single, watched our video, listened to the music up on soundcloud, written about us and put up with us at the Bull & Gate.

We did our first interview and editorial photoshoot for IDOL Magazine, which you can now take a look at here. The photo above is from that shoot....

We told 1883 Magazine a little bit more about what/when/how it all started :: read the full interview

IM//UR compared us to the Pokémon Movie Soundtrack....seriously.

Yours Truly bought an edge of realness to the internet with this handwritten Note To Self feature on 'Body Music' (which we really love)

So...now we're getting everything ready for our next single, which we're aiming to release in July/August, we'll be making announcements within the next couple of weeks so don't sleep.

If you haven't already, cop the free download of the Last Japan Remix of Analyser here